Bains Studios Logo and packaging design
Bains Studios Logo

Bains Studios official logo

 Bains Studios is a  slow-fashion business led by, Simran Bains. Through consultation, Bains and I highlighted important aspects of her brand  and brainstormed how we'd like to communicate it. Bains expressed wanting her packaging to represent various bodies since inclusivity is one of the core elements of the brand. Bains also expressed wanting a minimalist look to the packaging so we chose to go with black & white colour scheme and fine lines for the illustrations. Along with packaging, I was commissioned to design the Bains Studios logo that can be seen on the packaging and on the store's website.
Project content
 Brand identity consultation
Logo Design 
 Packaging design. 
packaging mockup.

Adobe Illustrator.
Adobe Photoshop. 
Package Design

Packaging mockup


8x4" Side A 

8x4" Side B

10x4" Side A

10x4" Side B

Inside flap 

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