About Me 

Hello! My name is Teba Faisal, I'm an interdisciplinary designer and artist from Hamilton, ON, Canada. I hold a BFA in Studio Arts from McMaster University and a UX Design certificate from BrainStation. 🎓
I have a diverse work experience from freelance to in-house agency work. Some of my projects including brand strategy design, variety of print material from packaging to posters, web, and user experience design! 
My Fine Arts background have played a huge part in my design philosophy and process. Often times, the design process can become rigid and repetitive. Taking the fluid approaches of Fine Arts of brainstorming and consistent sketching can help expand problem solving in design. 🎨
I value community, equity, and accessibility in all aspects of my life. I believe everything we design should be as inclusive as possible and how we conduct our work should have community and care at the centre of it.
I'm always open to new opportunities and conversations! Feel free to get in touch with me over email and we can share ideas over coffee. ☕

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