Quixotic Exhibition Website and catalogue 
Project Description
For the 4th and final year at McMaster university's Studio Arts program, the graduating class put together a graduating exhibition called SUMMA. The graduates pick a theme that they see fit their work or group as a collective. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, my final year at McMaster university was completely online and my graduating class had to navigate how we can produce an online experience for our exhibition.
 I took charge of leading the graphic design team to produce a printed catalogue to compliment the online exhibition. I worked with a team to produce the logo, and worked with the photography and copy editing team to make a cohesive final product. After the brand of the exhibition was executed, I worked closely with our curator and a freelance web developer to develop the online exhibition where I took on designing the user interface. 
what is "quixotic"? 

/kwik ’ sädik/
exceedingly idealistic; unrealistic and impractical. “a vast and perhaps quixotic project”.
SUMMA is an annual exhibition that celebrates the hard work and dedication McMaster’s Studio Arts students put into their four years in the program. This exhibition is in partnership with the McMaster Museum of Art.
Logo Design 
White logo with black background
Black logo with white background
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